Centre for Dynamic Co-work, Movement and Creativity

Movers and Shakers, Fresh Faces, Hidden Gems…
From the beating heart of Ibiza island, Project emerges and invites you to join our magnetic melting pot – where we bubble and simmer together in both work and play to experience dynamic co-working, movement and creativity.
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Hack the way you work at Project Ibiza

Join us on the first floor where our co-working space has been ergonomically designed to maximise your productivity, stimulate your senses, release your creativity and keep your bare-feet connected to the ground. We have flexible plans and packages available which offer guests and desk residents full access to our facilities and the opportunity to interact and mingle with other entrepreneurs, artists and designers based here in Ibiza. Click here to view our tarif. 


Enter the new paradigm for movement and physical wellbeing at Project Ibiza

In our ground floor movement space we aim to redefine the way you move and your relationship to your body through natural movement technologies. We offer daily classes held by innovative, multi-disciplinary teachers, as well as weekend and one-off workshops with international mind/body gurus. Train, dance, breathe, stretch and strengthen, then breathe again. Grab some cell-nourishment from our in-house Acai bar, then float your way bay back home. View our movement schedule here. 


Satisfy your desire to play, learn, create and inquire at Project Ibiza

At Project Ibiza we believe in your innate desire to play, learn, create and inquire – which is why we offer a full and stimulating programme of art events, movie nights, music concerts, talks, pop-ups, exhibitions and self-development workshops, expertly curated to help you expand your potential, find your purpose, relax and get inspired. To learn more or find out how we could host your event, get in touch with us here.

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