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Embodying the Aquarian Age Workshop

April 27, 2019 @ 4:00 pm - 9:30 pm

Have you ever stopped to think… how does society truly shift? …How is a new world paradigm created? … And what exactly IS this “Age of Aquarius” about?
Through the return of the Sacred Feminine and its reintegration with the Sacred Masculine – the divine pandrogyne is reborn. Awareness of the integral Unity of these two eternal dynamic forces raises human consciousness, in turn, tipping the scales towards change in our civilization on a fundamental level. New perspectives on relationships are changing our world- relationships with partners, with our environment, and within ourselves.
Male-female, mind-heart, dark-light – these are all attributes of the two poles of the ultimate ‘bi’-nary code of our polar reality… Each one of us is locked in a dynamic dance of these opposing forces which give rise to both the creation and destruction of the cosmos. Our collective consciousness has now arrived at the event horizon of the rebirth of this unified understanding.
Join Evolutionary Astrologer and Jungian Counsellor Shannon Gill and Somatic Psychologist and Ceremonial Priestess Lena Sofie for an in depth exploration into the astrology of this time and how the spiritual mechanics of the body are essential in making the necessary upgrades to align with this time in evolution. This immersion will activate the mind/body/spirit as we will be creating a sacred portal to integrate the higher knowledge, just as the ancient alchemists did ~ through cosmic teachings, ritual embodiment, and a sacred ecstatic dance ceremony.
‘New’ spiritual technologies are developing to better ground this new state of being into a permanent shift for humanity. This workshop will be the marriage of ancient knowledge and transmissions for the future, crafted to empower you to align with the rapid ascension taking place on the planet.
We are the ONES we’ve been waiting for…
Do not miss this unique workshop where you will learn from Shannon Gill what the age of Aquarius truly entails and means for us personally and our intimate relationships. After receiving the understanding of the Aquarian age, Lena Sofie will lead the group to truly ground and embody that wisdom in the body and prepare oneself to set a ceremonial intention to the medicine of the Seven Directions. Once our intentions our seeded, we will dance, meditate and be embodied in a ceremonial ecstatic dance that you will never forget. No dance experience is necessary for this event and freedom of expression is allowed, so if one chooses to meditate or lie down during the dance in contemplation at the altars of the divine feminine and masculine which Shannon and Lena Sofie have created for you, so be it!
We look forward to being embodied with you!
PRICE: EARLY BIRD SPECIAL!!! This 5 and half hour event costs 39€, if you sign up before April 19th. Thereafter it is 45€.
Payments can be made at: paypal.me/lenasofiephoenix
Please contact Lena Sofie on messenger for questions about this event, other payment details and to register. Reserve your place soon for this event for spaces are limited.
Link to Lena Sofie’s page:
With a background in Buddhist psychology, dance therapy, soul work, and indigenous ceremonial arts, Shannon Gill synthesizes Evolutionary Astrology, Jungian counseling and Sacred Embodiment in her private practice, where she midwives her clients into alignment with their Cosmic Soul Blueprint activating their deepest purpose and fulfillment. Shannon serves as President of the Austin Astrological Society, the Secretary for OPA, the Organization for Professional Astrologers, and also the founder of Rhythm Sanctuary Ecstatic Dance moment in Boulder, CO. In partnership with Russell von Ohlhausen, she has created ‘Illumination”, and extension for Rhythm Sanctuary; The Shift Foundation 501c3, and ASTRAM-Astrology Alliance. Together they operate Lotus Bend Sanctuary, a spiritual day retreat center in Austin, Tx. where they offer a diverse array of workshops, ceremonies, and community celebrations.
To read more about Shannon’s work click here:
Lena Sofie is a somatic psychologist, a somatic experiencing practitioner (trauma healer), yoga teacher, and dance/movement therapist. She bridges her psychosomatic expertise to the indigenous ceremonial arts, having studied with several shamans and having been initiated as a fire and water priestess and astrologer of the Mayan tradition. Lena Sofie co-seeded the Rhythm Sanctuary Ecstatic Dance with Shannon in Boulder, CO in 2007 and she is now seeding a “sister” Rhythm Sanctuary Ecstatic Dance in Ibiza. Through her private practices Star Seed: Mayan Astrology and Ceremony and Phoenix Rising: Psychotherapy, Yoga and Workshops based in Ibiza she helps people “come home” to who they truly are.
To read more about Lena Sofie please click here:
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April 27, 2019
4:00 pm - 9:30 pm

Privacy Preference Center